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Dec 19, 2011

Visit India And Save India

About The Kingdom of God Ministries,Movva®

Our God Jesus Christ has always special plan for HIS chosen people and HE chosen a weakest, littlest, lowliest and most useless and unwanted man on this earth to do HIS mighty works among the Gentiles and his name is J.Praveen Kumar and God turned him as a Pastor; Evangelist; Leader; Messenger for The Kingdom of God by giving “HIS Strength and Power unto him.”

God chosen Evangelist J.P.K (J.Praveen Kumar) and established The Kingdom of God Ministries,Movva® to “Love the People; Share Gospel and lead the People in to The Kingdom of God.”

THE KINGDOM OF GOD MINISTRIES, MOVVA® was born with the vision “to empty the Hell". And this ministry is located at Movva, Krishana district, Andhra Pradesh, India. And it was registered (Reg.No: 34/2009) by the Government of Andhra Pradesh State, India.


“Love the People; Share Gospel and lead the People in to The Kingdom of God.”

In India, many types of religions and caste systems are there and the most of the Indians are the Hindus and only few percentages of Christians are living in India, presently we can see that different types of Persecution already started against the Christians by Hinduism and Muslim People and through local Government.

Our God Jesus Christ wants see India as Christian nation instead of Hindu Nation, that is why Let’s go together as a unity in body of Christ to reach and save all the unsaved people in India by showing the Love of God both physically and spiritually and share the Gospel at where Gospel of Christ needs to be spread to lead the people (For those who are under the control of Evil) in to The Kingdom of God.


  • Church Planting.
  • Running the Orphan’s Home in Hyderabad.
  • Helping the widow’s.
  • Establishing the Gospel of Christ through Pamphlets distribution and audio system.
  • Spreading the Gospel of Christ through conducting the Gospel Crusades.
  • House Visiting and Out door Evangelism.


  • We want to conduct the Gospel crusades at where still people don’t know about Jesus.
  • Establishing the word of God through different media channels like T.V programmes and radio channels.
  • Establishing and constructing the more small churches at needy areas of our state in India.
  • We want to show a permanent solution to our widow’s group both physically and spiritually
  • We want to reach more areas in India for out door evangelism purpose through at least 7 seated Car or Van for Gospel Sharing purpose.


  • Be as a regular prayer and financial supporter to save India for The Kingdom of God purpose.
  • Be as a partner with us in any mean to visit India and Save India for The Kingdom of God purpose.
  • We would like to have fellowship/association with you or yours ministries/organization for The Kingdom of God.
  • Visit India either individually or as a group/church group/missionary/team to love the people, spread the Gospel or leads the people in to The Kingdom of God.

Important Note:
We are welcome  you to visit us here in India always at any time for establishing The Kingdom of God through God direction way so be in touch with us and prepare yourself as a challenging servant of God to Visit India and Save India in “Jesus name”.

For more details visit our website at:
Or Contact Evangelist J.P.K at:

May God bless you and prepares you to visit India and Save India for HIS glory. Amen.!

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