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Dec 21, 2011



When we don’t like our hair, we change the color or style. When we don’t like our shoes, we change them.   How about when we don’t like our attitudes?  We come up with excuses not to change them:‘That’s the way I am’, or ‘I was brought up this way’, or ‘If people love me, they’ll accept me for the way I am’, or the famous:  ‘I’m just being honest.’.

There are things about us that could easily be changed for the better, especially those things that harm our relationships…

*You lack patience and understanding

*You’re too busy to care for others

*You’re too self-centered to think about others

*You’re too self-conscious to be sincere

*You’re too goal-oriented to help others

And so, when you need someone, you’re alone.  And when you think about God, it feels like He’s not there, but the truth is, you haven’t been there for Him for a long time…
 when you don’t have time for others, do you think you’ll have time for God? 
 Anything you don’t do for others, you automatically don’t do for God.  

The only way to serve God is to serve others.

With you in HIS mighty works
Evangelist JPK

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