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Jan 11, 2012

Pray with us to "Visit India And Save India."

Dear readers in Christ name:

I would like to give my special thanks to Jesus Christ who established the connection between you and me in HIS body as a part of the tools for spread the Love of God; Share the Gospel and Lead the People in to The Kingdom of God.

Let HIS grace continues upon us to save the unsaved in India and We specially thank you so much for you previous efforts/prayers/support for The Kingdom of God. May God bless you.Amen!

Let’s start this year through God Jesus helps to do more physical and spiritual activities to save the unsaved people in India through HIS given power and strength.

The Only One God among Many gods:

By the Holy Spirit motivation, I wrote the small book about “Who is the real God among many gods” and distributed it to so many people and now it is quickly famous in our area because through this small book many people known that Jesus is the only God because inside of this small book we proved that Jesus is the only God through the history, Vedas and other documentation.

And already printed 4,000 books and distributed totally and many people still area asking us for this book so we need to print it again many books to reach the not reached and mainly it is so useful to the Hinduism people.

Kindly pray that God bless us financially to print that book in bulk quantity so that it covers our district and may be the whole state soon.


When we think about Church only believers and few unbelievers are attend on worship time so think about what about other people? That is why we focused to conduct the Gospel Crusades on public places means where people stand and sit for gossip or for any other unimportant things. So kindly pray for us that Lord bless us financially to conduct the Gospel Crusades publicly in each village, mandal, district places of Andhra Pradesh State.


1)      Pray for Audio and Video Sound System materials which are useful for outdoor evangelism and on Public Gospel meetings.

2)     Pray for the land which we need for many purposes like Church/Gospel Crusades/Widows. (We are praying to God to buy at least the small land which is suitable to sit for at least 10,000 people.

3)     We need Car or Van to visit many places and go to each corners of each district for Gospel Sharing.

Kindly remember that we need your prayer support every day to run many activities for the Kingdom of God.

And also please tell about us with your friends/Church friends.


We recently created the blog also as Visit India and Save India at:

Thank you for reading this mail and advance blessings to you for telling about us with your friends/church members and praying for us in your daily prayer life.

Kindly come to visit India and Save India in Jesus name.

 You are most welcome at any time to Visit us and Save the unsaved in India.

Thank you and May God bless you and Holy Spirit helps you to stand on behalf of The Kingdom of God.

In HIS Mighty works and Service!
Evangelist J.P.K.

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